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Living well with

Practical guidance and care for each individual’s needs.

Living well with Dementia

Across the world, it is estimated that nearly 48 million people are suffering from Dementia and that by 2050 one in two people will be dealing with the illness in some form.

That said, there is an awkward silence surrounding the disease. This creates fear and isolation, leaving little hope for a good life after diagnosis.


My name is Nadja Fredericks, and I believe I can help you live well with Dementia.


Living abroad and thus far away from my parents, I desperately needed to connect with someone who could help me understand the behavior of my mother. Someone to guide me in how to support my father, who is my mother’s primary caregiver. What questions to ask, what plans to put in place for eventual emergencies, etc. 
Nadja was present from the get-go to make, connecting the family through understanding the world of Dementia.




Both my father and aunt had Dementia. At times it was frightening to see the struggle the whole family was facing. I decided to learn more about this disease and how to prevent the onset as much as possible. Changing my diet and learning how to manage my stress levels has made a positive change in my life. 
Understanding the many dimensions and possible causes helped me to confidently move forward with less fear of the future.


Seeing more and more people around me facing the challenges of Dementia in their families, I decided to connect with Nadja to help me understand more about the disease. I needed to know what to look out for, how to accept that there is no cure, and what I can do to help someone to take the first step to get a diagnosis.

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