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“All that I forget, I feel.”


Dementia is a general term for a group of occurring symptoms such as memory loss, limited judgement, impaired social skills and thinking abilities,  severe enough to inhibit daily life.
Alzheimer being to most commonly known.

The Dis-ease

As unique as we all are as individuals, as unique the causes are and how presents itself. Most recently a link has been found between Dementia, the insulin resistance of the brain and the inflammatory response of the body. This thus a life style disease that forms a part of a mulit-million-dollar global consumer business.


With the rise in numbers and the global development, the demand for support increases. I strongly believe that a hihgher wareness and acceptance in society and a holistic approach to our well-being, life style and health, will have a significant impact.


We need to deal with this degenerative neurological disorder with an “out-of-the-box” approach, seeing it differently, beyond the obvious and restrictive main stream perspective.

Psychology Session

My approach

As an expert in this field and with the hands-on experience from my personal journey with Dementia, I am able to offer a wealth of practical knowledge to assist patients from the moment of diagnosis and throughout their journey.  


My approach is holistic, multi-dimensional and unique to your situation - there is no "one-fits-all" fix. I step into your shoes and together we navigate your personal journey.
The consultations with patients and their caregivers are virtual and available globally.

I start by addressing the fear and uncertainty that arises when diagnosed. The lack of awareness causes a lack of understanding in families which causes frustration. The mainstream medical response to the illness is very restrictive and . I aim to remove that by creating an environment that makes it possible to live well with Dementia.

My personal journey and my ongoing professional training provides you with understanding, peace, trust and skills. I have the boldness to address the uncomfortable issues and provide solutions  to go forward - as good as it gets for all involved which does not mean perfect - so you can live well with Dementia.


Nadja works with an “out-of-the-box” approach, based on trust, personal connection, knowledge and experience.

Nutrition Nadja.png

Nutrition has to be adjusted to each person’s individual need and possibilities so that it can be sustained in every day life. Brain & gut health are key factors to support the best possible function of the brain, possibly reducing the speed of the decline.

Stress Nadja.png

Managing stress levels reduces anxiety, inflammation, confusion & brain fog, aggression, depression, inconstant  sleep patterns and insomnia and other factors associated with Dementia. The regular practice of mediation, prayer, breath work, walking and connecting in nature will enhance a calm mind, body and breath along the path of Dementia.


A regular sleep pattern protects the brain and enables it to regenerate. it is essential to regulate the sleep-wake-cycle to support concentration, optimize mood and overall well being for people living with and around Dementia.


Some form of movement every day is a non-negotiable. it creates purpose, stability, routine, balance, social interaction, blood flow, co-ordination, strength, feeling and awareness of the body and joy - and simply makes you tired, managing stress and sleep in an organic way. When the circle of movement is reduced due to the cognitive decline, it can be expanded through exercise.


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